Get your poker fix with darts

Whether you get your poker fix by playing with friends, in the casino or with Betfair, you may not have thought you could enjoy a game of poker while playing darts.

As with Betfair poker, the aim of Pokerdarts is to 'stick' on what the player feels will be the winning hand.


- Each player is allowed two throws (two sets of three darts). After their first throw the player is allowed to remove and re-throw one, two or three darts in a bid to better their hand, or they can stick with their first three darts.
- Darts left in the board must remain where they are until the player's turn is over.
- In the event of a tied hand, players then have to re-throw a single set of darts in order to decide the winner of that hand.


1. Royal flush on trebles
2. Nine of a kind
3. Straight flush on trebles
4. Eight of a kind
5. Flush on trebles
6. Straight on trebles
7. Treble three of a kind
8. Treble full house
9. Seven of a kind
10. Royal flush on doubles
11. Straight flush on doubles
12. Flush on doubles
13. Straight on doubles
14. Double full house
1. Double three of a kind
2. Six of a kind
3. Three pair
4. Five of a kind
5. Full House
6. Four of a kind
7. Two pair
8. Royal flush
9. Straight flush
10. Flush
11. Straight
12. Three of a king
13. One pair

Winning combinations slightly change to poker due to the doubles and trebles on a dart board.

- A dart landing in a treble or double of a card can multiply a card to three or two of a kind respectively, or two darts in a double or treble will then become four, five or six of a kind up to nine of a kind.
- Treble full houses require trebles and one double, all in different suites.
- A double full house needs a player to land two doubles and one treble, all of different kind and suit.
- All over combinations can be made up by singles, doubles and trebles.

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